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Wheeled CartMantisWay OptionTM

MantisWay is an integrated unlocking system for waste collection. It is a complete solution: safe, efficient and easy to use.

  • Lockable Latch System eliminates unwanted access by pests and animals
  • Automated unlock system integrated on the arm to eliminate expensive and complex cart mounted locks
  • Reduce costs, improve efficiency, offer better service for less and keep storage areas clean and secure

Mantis automated unlocking arm

  • Arm is compatible with all major manufacturers’ body styles and can be installed on new vehicles or retro-fit on existing fleets
  • Arm is compatible with all ANSI-compliant carts
  • Auto-unlock mechanism mounted safely on arm to allow single-man automated operation
  • Automated & semi-automated vehicle compatible
  • Unlock mechanism is mounted on automated arm, providing you a cost-effective way to manage organic waste
  • Increase reliability and performance with the most trusted arm designs in the industry

Mantis locking device

  • Lockable Latch System eliminates unwanted access by pests and animals
  • RFID ready so you can implement customer benefits programs easily, manage individual accounts, and optimize routes
  • Cart compatible with existing arm designs on all ANSI compliant equipment

Integrated unlocking system

  • Fully integrated system designed to fit seamlessly with existing collection routes, with no need to change the way you collect today
  • Interference-free design does not come into contact with waste
  • Cart and arm are designed to be 100% compatible with all manufacturers’ refuse bodies - both current and past models
  • Increase route efficiency by eliminating manual interaction


Available format

Specification sheet

21 gal U.S. / 80 L
* 32 gal U.S. / 120 L
* 64 gal U.S. / 240 L
*Soon available