Bulk packaging

Sales directory

Director of Sales IPL Southern USA
Steve Eglowstein
  (336) 549-1563 (mobile)
Customer Service Manager
Marie-Josée Dion
  1-800-549-1563 ext:539 (office)
Distributor Support
Junior Couture
  1-800-549-1563 ext:443 (office)


Account Manager
Canada - Region of Ontario
Neil Cools-Lartique
  (647) 236-7776 (mobile)
Account Manager
Canada - Regions of Quebec, Montreal & Ottawa
Joanne Beaudoin
  (418) 576-8058 (mobile)
Account Manager
Canada - Maritimes Region
Antoine Cassir
  (506) 387-4738 (mobile)


Account Manager
US - Mid West Region (WI, IL, KY, IN, MI & OH)
John Trumpler
  (734) 250-2363 (mobile)
Account Manager
US - New England Region (ME, NY, MA, VT, NH, CT & RI)
Mark Keyes
  (617) 803-3700 (mobile)
Account Manager
US - Northeast Region (PA, NY, VA, WV, MD, NJ & DE)
Michael McDermott
  (484) 661-8337 (mobile)
Account Manager
US - Southwest Region (TX, OK, AR, MS & LA)
Michael Carter
  (214) 403-1062 (mobile)
Account Manager
US - Southeast Region (AL, GA, FL, NC, SC & TN)
Kevin Roberts
  (678) 243-7383 (mobile)