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IPL innovates in delivering over 1.2 million carts and kitchen containers to the Region of Peel in Ontario

August 12, 2016

February 18, 2016 – IPL Inc., one of the leading North American producers of injection-molded plastic products, has recently pushed the limits of manufacturing and distribution in delivering an important project for the Regional Municipality of Peel, the second largest municipality in Ontario, after Toronto. 

In only three months, IPL was able to successfully deliver over 1.2 million rolling carts and kitchen containers to 317,000 homes in the cities of Brampton, Mississauga and town of Caledon, an unprecedented task in the North American cart market. 

IPL was awarded the $45 M dollar project in 2014, involving the manufacturing, distribution and 10-year maintenance of three kinds of carts for Peel Region’s residents: waste carts, organics carts and recycling carts. In order to deliver such a high number of carts, the IPL plant, based in Saint-Damien, Québec, manufactured all the carts needed to support the program and delivered to a central distribution center in Mississauga. 

A new smart technology for distribution 

In order to efficiently distribute the carts to the 317,000 homes in such a short time, IPL used a new technology utilizing smart phone scanning. Every produced cart was initialized with a unique chip containing the cart’s serial number, GPS coordinates and the home address files were uploaded at delivery. Using the RFID technology, the delivery team could, just by using a smart phone to scan the cart, know exactly where and how to deliver each cart, which made the delivery process much easier and faster. Using the same technology, the management team was able to do live monitoring of the delivery process. 

“This project allowed us to position ourselves a notch above any North American competition”, said Mr. Paul Palazzo, VP, Sales and Marketing at IPL Environmental, the division responsible for this project. Not only were we faster and more efficient than any of our competitors, but the technology used in this project will also help us manage the Region’s on-going growth and 10-year maintenance and service agreement that is part of the project.” 

IPL’s carts are the only ones to be made in Canada, so they are designed in order to withstand North American climate. These smartly designed and cost-effective containers come in a range of practical sizes to provide effective solutions that work, furthering IPL’s 70 year tradition of excellence while protecting the environment. IPL also offers a full range of injection-molded containers for municipal, commercial and industrial recycling, solid waste and organic management, all available with options and graphics tailored to the client’s specifications. Furthermore, IPL’s waste collection specialists have the experience and resources to help develop the ideal solution or solve particular requirements from individual buildings to complete cities. 

About IPL 

IPL Inc. is one of the leading North American producers of injection-molded plastic products. IPL employs more than 800 people in its three plants located in Saint-Damien, Québec; Edmundston, New Brunswick; and Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The Company manufactures and markets over 400 products for the packaging, materials handling, and environmental sectors. IPL also provides highly technical value-added custom molding services for the packaging industry. For further information about IPL: 

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