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IPL is expanding its Edmundston operations with support from the provincial government. The expansion will create up to 10 new jobs.

May 11, 2017

EDMUNDSTON (GNB) – International manufacturing firm IPL is expanding its Edmundston operations with support from the provincial government. The expansion will create up to 10 new jobs.

IPL is investing $4.3 million to purchase an HP injection-molded label printer for its Edmundston site. The company is a manufacturer of plastic products for several sectors, including food and bulk packaging, and employs about 160 people in Edmundston.

“As your government, we are focused on spurring economic growth,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “The manufacturing sector is an important contributor to the New Brunswick economy. We are pleased to commit to work with the international manufacturing business, IPL, to create more jobs for New Brunswickers.”

This investment will replace $4.5-million worth of imported labels from outside North America. It also creates $1 million in exports for the New Brunswick plant, as labels printed in the province will be shipped to other production sites. This investment is expected to increase sales from Edmundston by $6 million, create efficiencies in the facility, and better position the company for faster, more flexible service.

As a result, IPL is eligible for up to $860,000 toward the capital expansion and 10 new full-time positions. Opportunities NB is offering a non-repayable contribution of $430,000, while the Regional Development Corporation is also contributing $430,000. The government estimates these new jobs will add $644,000 to the provincial GDP. Three of the ten jobs are already in place.

“We are pleased to be able to make this expansion in our New Brunswick plant,” said Luis de Jesus, IPL president and CEO. “IPL has a long history in Edmundston, and we are proud of the great work our New Brunswick employees bring to our global organization. This investment creates efficiencies for us and allows us to increase our sales and grow in the future.”

IPL employs more than 1,170 people at its six plants in New Brunswick, Quebec, Missouri, Ohio, Georgia and Minnesota. It began operating in the 1930s by producing various household products. In 1987, the company acquired Edmundston Paper Box Ltd. In 2015, the One51 Group, with headquarters in Ireland, acquired IPL Plastics to become a leading North American manufacturer of injection-moulded plastic products and containers. The One51 Group employs about 1,700 people in Ireland, the United Kingdom, North America and China.

Opportunities NB is a Crown corporation that seeks to attract and support opportunities to grow the economy and create jobs. It provides support services for businesses across the province.


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