• 12 gal. U.S. - 45 L

Colours available

Optional colours - Two tones

A collection bin has never been so well adapted, manageable and effective for high-density cities.

Ergonomic side handles

Bottom side handles make the heavy bin much easier to empty. They also protect the 5’’ wheels from side impact.

Interior features

The interior of the bin has a smooth finish and rounded corners for easy cleaning

MantisWay option

The optional MantisWay latch is an animal-proof lock system. It doesn’t mean it’s hard to operate. It’s ergonomic design, makes it easy to clip back on with the palm of the hand.


12 gal. - 45L

Best use of space

Our range of products offers solutions to cities needing space for effective organic, waste and recycling collection.

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When you choose IPL, you work with a recognized industry leader. IPL was the first plastic injection company to achieve ISO 9001 quality certification in North America. The addition of ISO/TS16949 certification further demonstrates IPL’s commitment to quality. These quality initiatives demonstrate our capabilities and know-how.