SealPack Round Standard

95mm: 5.3 oz.
302: 6 oz.
314: 8 oz.
409: 8 oz. / 12 oz. / 16 oz. / 24 oz. / 32 oz.

A classic look with custom flare

A growing family of film-sealable containers currently offering 8 sizes with 302, 95mm, 314 and 409 diameters and designed for a plug and play in your existing filling line. Made for offset printing and adaptable to IML decoration.

NEW! Tamper-Evident recessed lid

Prevent product tampering for fresh products or filling lines that can’t accommodate a film seal.

Easy transition on existing filling line

With their standard 409 opening, these containers are designed to fit in existing filling lines that support containers under the flange.

All sizes are available with high quality offset printing and can be adapted to IML decoration.

8 oz. (314)

8 oz. (409)

12 oz. (409)

16 oz. (409)

24 oz. (409)

32 oz. (409)

6 oz. (302)

5.3 oz. (95mm)

Download the specification sheet below for more detailed information about the SealPack Round Standard series.

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