SealPack Square

  • Small : 12 oz. / 16 oz.
  • Large : 32 oz. / 48 oz.

A modern Film seal container

A modern design with a reduced environmental footprint. Ideal for deli products requiring high pressure pasteurization.

Modern design

Get better shelf appeal through differentiation.


Uses less resin than a regular container. Space Saving and better shelf stacking vs same size round container.

Large decoration surface

Added branding value through photo quality IML graphics tub. IML 3 sides and 5 sides available.


Extend the shelf life of your products without food preservatives. Take a look at the following document to know which conainers of the SealPack Square family are HPP-Ready.  Learn more about IPL's HPP-Ready packaging.

12 oz.

16 oz.

32 oz.

48 oz.

Download the specification sheet below for more detailed information about the SealPack Square series.

Download literature

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