• 64 oz. / 84 oz.

Safety, ease of use and added branding value.

Available for both closure type (FS and TE) Ideal for a wide range of application such as dairy, deli, confectionary, nutritional supplements, detergents, etc. Trustpack containers are ideal for retail and wholesale food markets, restaurants, and food service businesses.

Intuitive single-motion opening using the pull-tab on the lid

Easy handling

Ergonomic, integrated grips.

Stable in a stack and space saving, up to 40% more containers on a pallet vs round containers.

2L Tamper Evident

2.5L Tamper Evident

2L Film Seal

2.5L Film Seal

Download the specification sheet below for more detailed information about the TrustPack series.

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When you choose IPL, you work with a recognized industry leader. Being SQF certified, we have implemented a systematic process for control of food quality hazards as well as food safety at every development and manufacturing steps.