Custom Design

Packaging Development
Tailored to your Needs

We are your R&D team extension for all your plastic packaging development.

We have the skills and the capabilities to support you from concept and design to prototyping and production. Make the most of an environment dedicated to innovation, with proven step-by-step protocols that deliver results.

Adapting to your equipment

STEP 0 - It all starts with your equipment. We know that the biggest challenge is to design a product that is unique and tailored to your application. We take a disciplined, down-to-earth approach. Before even starting the design phase, we conduct a series of rigorous checks. We take the time to tour your facilities, to identify the constraints and filling processes already in place.

Design guidelines

STEP 1 - Our design protocol is structured and effective. It involves three short steps to turn our understanding of your needs into a clear, detailed design. We use free-hand sketches, 3D renderings, and 3D models to accurately determine the project scope and meet the required technical specifications.

Detailed analysis

STEP 2 - The best decisions are well-informed. Our detailed analysis gathers all the information needed to dispel any doubts about required physical characteristics and develop a sound financial analysis. Using pilot molds, you will be able to conduct market tests and measure the product’s potential more accurately. Our innovation center has a space dedicated to innovation where you can mold your products, test them, and make the necessary adjustments as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

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Flexible production

STEP 3 - A wise way to start production. The initial investment required to put new packaging into production is substantial. The risks are high. Our flexible approach changes that. We give you access to existing mold bases and flexible production units with smaller cavitation. Prior to a dedicated system, this flexible approach allows you to improve time to market, with a smaller investment and less risk, while giving you room to grow up to 20 million parts.

Shelf presence

CONSUMER EXPERIENCE - We want to help increase your sales right from the get go. Product options are almost endless. And consumers make their decisions in next to no time. In just seconds, your packaging needs to make a visual impact, attract consumers, and convince them. Every step of the way, you benefit from our vast experience to improve your shelf presence and influence consumers at that crucial moment in the buying process.