Reliability of Operation

On time,
Order After Order

The excellent reputation of IPL is built on the strength and durability of its products.

Thus, IPL has gained the trust of its customers by delivering high-quality products, on time, order after order. This credibility was built on the promise of trust that we want to hold on to for years to come. To do this, IPL will not compromise on the following key elements:


IPL has injection molds that are manufactured and maintained to the highest standards. The injection press park is constantly renewed and we support its performance with automation and robotics that are at the cutting edge of technology.

Quality Manufacturing

At IPL, we make sure we are in control of our production process to provide high-quality packaging products. To ensure that every package ordered meets the same performance criteria, IPL focuses on the following elements:

  • The training of its employees
  • The adoption of preventive measures to reduce the risk of manufacturing defects
  • Systematic analysis of customer needs