Going With the Flow
Won’t Cut It

Our technological expertise and leadership is paving the way forward. We want to take security, sustainability, and customer experience to the next level. The resulting technologies and ways of doing things, such as top quality IML labels, ultra-thin walls, integrated security systems, superior clarity, ease of use, and optimized stacking, are ahead of their time.

The science of plastics

Food safety is in our DNA. We manufacture products according to HACCP quality standards and never compromise on food safety and security. We fully understand the characteristics of the materials we use, so we can ensure the product meets your needs, whether it is on the shelf, refrigerated, or frozen. Our unmatched plastic knowledge is reflected in the carefully controlled transparency and thinner walls of our containers, which never affect the package and its content.

IML technology

As the first company in North America to integrate in-mold labeling (IML), we have developed unique expertise. We have tested all the possibilities and know the limits. Our wealth of experience ensures that your packaging will comply with food industry standards, withstand the most demanding conditions, and make your product jump off the shelf.

End-of-arm tooling

We make our own end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to monitor label positioning operations. Accurate to within a few micrometers, the margin of error is minimal. The result is less costly and quicker product development as well as bolder and more effective designs.

Filling lines

Designed for your equipment. Each filling line has its own features. But all have productivity requirements. With IPL, you can be 100% sure that any new container will be developed with your equipment and current protocols in mind. You benefit from our extensive knowledge of filling processes used in food packaging. We are ready to solve your technical challenges. Integration is seamless, and your productivity maximized.

Food science

Protect your food with its container. Food quality is your specialty. Designing the best containers to preserve your product is ours. We have a good understanding of food chemistry and how food interacts with its container. We understand the mechanical constraints a container undergoes during food preservation processes such as hot filling, pasteurization, sterilization, and high-pressure pasteurization. (HPP)


A thin yet strong packaging technology that fuses a flexible, printable film to a sturdy, rigid frame. It is a high-impact, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution. Available in various shapes.

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Barrier technologies

Practical and versatile. Our ZERO2 technology is an oxygen-barrier multilayer IML film fused to injection-molded containers. With a variety of sizes, this innovation is a high-performance and recyclable packaging solution.

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